Using Instagram For Your Direct Sales Business

Instagram is a  truly one of my  favorite new  social media platforms. It has in fact been around for a little bit but I just recently started using it to tell the story of my my Direct Sales businesses and connect with people. It is a  mobile photo editing and sharing app  that makes taking pictures fun. It has seen a huge increase in users since Facebook took it over back in April of this year.

Instagram Is not like Facebook or Twitter and does not have business-specific profiles, (however you can create them) built-in visibility or engagement metrics, or paid advertising options, however people are rushing to use Instagram for one simple reason. How easy it is.

Instagram  helps you easily create amazing images that you can use any where. You can quickly post them and don’ t have to worry about editing later. Most Social Media platforms are making it very easy to share pictures from Instagram on their platforms.

Another great feature on Instagram is that there is no adverstising. Pictures do amazing things on the internet, so when businesses get great looking photos in front of millions of eyes, people want to know where they came from.

Instagram is a mobile platform. PERFECT for our day in age. People are busy. They want fast and they are on the go. Instagram allows you to snap a quick picture, make it look amazing and post it to as many Social Media platforms as you wish. No need for editing, saving or wasting time.

Is it easy to see now why Instagram is gaining so much popularity. It is mobile and it is instant. Two things that people love.  Now how can Instagram help you in your Direct Sales Business? Countless ways. Pictures will help people know the real you and want to get to know you and your business even more.

1. Use an image to tell your story with your Direct Sales Business. Take quick photos of new product arriving. Connect with people showing how personal your business really is. Show what people are doing while enjoying your product or services. Great examples, show people are parties trying your products. Show Hostesses getting their goodies. Show items in customers homes. Pay close attention to the person affect.

2. Make sure your photos are not focused simply on you business but the life your business has created for you. Make them beautiful, cute or humorous. Those types of pictures people will continue to come back to time and time again. They then will associate you to your business.

3. Easy one, don’t go crazy posting pictures. A couple a day. Just like anything else, if you post too much, people will tune you out.  What I usually do is never post more than 3 pictures in a row and not less than every 3 hours.

4. Choose your instagram account name and make it the same as your Twitter name. You want people to know who you are. They will see what you do on Instagram and instantly go to Twitter. This is good. The more eyes on you, the better.

Bottom line a picture is worth a thousand words. Use your photos to tell a story about you and your business. In turn you will have people visiting your other platforms and 1000 words will turn in to “likes” and “tweets”.

Are you a Direct Sales Consultant using Instagram? We’d love to hear how Instagram is helping your business.

Jill McCarthy has been in the Direct Sales industry for over 14 years. Jill's uncommon strategies shook up the traditional party plan platform when she combined it with what she has learned from some of the best influences in the Social Media industry. She is at the top level in her own Direct Sales Business, has worked with some of the most well known Direct Sales companies out there and appeared in popular publications such as The FlipFlop CEO, and Network Marketing for Facebook. Jill has personally branded herself across all platforms and prides herself on staying "in the know" of what is trending for Social Media for all Direct Sales Consultants. Connect with her on Twitter.