How Did the Brand Boss Girls Start?

It’s been one month since the Brand Boss Girls launched and we couldn’t be more excited. Why did we do this? Well because of the same ideas and thought processes that we teach all of you every single day. We can’t all know and do and create everything. Every single one of us have our strengths. The best part about being in business is when you can see where your weaknesses are and instead of feeling jealous or envious of some one else having what you want, you do what strong women do, you see the vision of collaboration.

Social Super Group, our Jilleysue Facebook community was born in 2009. I knew what I wanted. I could see it but I didn’t know how I would get there. That is the problem with so many of us moving in the right direction, right? We see what we want but the path seems too long and hard and daunting. We usually give up or make excuses or give less than 100%, much less.

The groups and clients slowing crept up in numbers. A few people asking questions. A few people showing up. I wasn’t even showing up the way a group leader should. This went on for about 4 years until 2013 when something clicked and I knew Direct Sales consultants needed a place to go. They needed someone to answer their questions with out charging $5000 for coaching or sending them a link for a $279 digital book (with no added coaching or help I might add).  You see, I was blessed with people who believed in me at the former company I worked at. They paid for ongoing Social Media training and I knew immediately I was going to merge that training with my Direct Sales business. I was learning things the average personal would kill to know and I knew some day I wouldn’t keep all that to myself, that it wasn’t fair. That I was blessed with something that I should share.  I know that when you help others succeed, it comes back to you two fold, plus it feels amazing and so that became my goal. To help others believe that they could be a business owner and that they would be successful.


What Was Going Wrong?

2013-2014 trickled along. I was still working 2 direct sales businesses and trying to share as much as I could. What? Two businesses you say? Yeah I know. Goes against my cardinal rule that you can’t ride 2 horses with one butt. Focus grows where your attention goes. Imagine where I would have been if I just focused on what I loved.

In 2015, I finally started the Ultimate Mastermind and the free community started growing. I didn’t mind that it wasn’t growing lightening fast. I truly believe in quality not quantity and if this business was about building relationships, then I wanted to be the one person showing I was doing that. But 2015-2017 proved to be the most difficult years of my life personally. Adversity was hitting hard and no matter how positive I tried to be, depression hit like a ton of bricks. I dealt with loss, moving, health issues and so much more.  During those 2 years, I consistently showed up to the Mastermind and helped the women that had joined but I didn’t want to. Well I take that back, I wanted to and I loved how excited they were but inside I wanted to curl up in bed and never get up. I just didn’t care about anything. Hard to believe when you see someone on camera, going live, training, earning trips and acting like everything was OK. Can anyone relate yet? Have you felt this way before or have you thought “Wow, she has everything going for her.” When really, we have no idea what is really going on?

No matter what was going on in my life, the one thing that I felt good about was that I could see my Mastermind clients growing and changing. I could see who was really taking everything I was talking about in the weekly webinars and applying it. They were showing up and taking notes and really going for it.

Hundreds of relationships are created online every single day. I was certainly getting to know so many amazing women. Their thank yous for what I was sharing with them really kept me going. That group of ladies stood by me, understood, they were patient and they cared. Many days I felt guilty because I thought, “Wow, I am suppose to be the coach, I am suppose to inspire them.” Yet daily they would blow me away with their progress and their kindness. They inspired me!

Let’s Talk Kimberly Pulito

So here we are 2017,  I experienced probably one of the most painful losses of my life. I ended up in the ICU for 9 days and then I decided to pick up and move for a fresh start.  I wasn’t much of a coach but I did the bare minimum.  During those 2 years, many Mastermind mind members came and left. We know how coaching programs go. We start off super motivated and then we don’t show up, we feel guilty and we quit. We’ve all done it right?  Yeah but there was a group in my mastermind that just stayed and slayed and rocked it no matter what.  I had become very close to many of the ladies in my group, but Kimberly Pulito was one that was a bouncing ball of, gimme all the answers. She wanted to know it all and every single time she asked a question, I would give her the answer, she wouldn’t move on until she applied it and was ready for the next step. She was on every webinar, followed every step and above everything else, became consistent, branded and showed up to help everyone else. Hmmm, sounds familiar doesn’t it?


I don’t really know how the next part started. I feel like we were just in a Facebook messenger chat and toyed with the idea of doing courses together. We laughed, joked and thought, “hmmm maybe.” Then The Brand Boss Girls name popped out. We again I think faintly saw the vision but didn’t know where or how to start. I started to move, the holidays came, 2018 arrived. It came up here and there and then BOOM! In March and April of 2018, we said, “Let’s do this!” Let’s just jump in, convert everything and do it. With both of our strengths, amazing things can happen.  Now I will say, was I scared? Of course. I had built the Jilleysue name up and was I ready to let it go? But that’s when it hit me. The Universe is trying to tell you, you aren’t letting anything go. You are ignoring your ego and finally growing because you are able to see that this change creates something better, something amazing, something with DOUBLE THE STRENGTH.

Why Do I Tell This Story?

First, I believe in authenticity. Success and growth are roads that are not straight. They curve and go around, back, forth, up and down. People need to know your story so they can relate and find inspiration when they are ready to give up. Days will be dark and hard and some times you truly believe you just don’t care, but you have to look for signs and choices to go in the right direction.  4 weeks into this partnership and I couldn’t be more proud of our choice. I saw the vision back in 2009 and I had no clue how I was going to get there but the Universe did and the Universe knew, a Kimberly Pulito would be part of it. Her drive and ideas, her work ethic and positivity are traits that define a true BRAND BOSS GIRL.

I knew when I started to share my knowledge,  that it was never going to be JUST about Social Media. How could it be? As women we struggle with so much more. Confidence, procrastination, fitting in, self confidence, organization, depression. I am no doctor and I know my training can only consist of me sharing what works for me along with my Marketing training, but what I do know is that we can have all the training in the world, if we don’t work on those BOSS traits that make us love ourselves, we can’t move forward at all.

Kimberly and I together are an unstoppable force for all of you. She has so many things that I wish I had and I hope I provide the same for her. Together we know that we can share what we actually do in our current business and it will help millions of women. Women who maybe can’t work their business in the traditional way or women who just need to find their tribe. Together we want to help you all realize YOU ARE YOUR BRAND, not the company you sell for. That you are a BOSS, no matter what anyone has told you and that YOU can make your dreams come true .  YOU ARE A BRAND BOSS GIRL!

brand boss girl

We hope you enjoy this ride with us. We have so many amazing things we want to share with you. We want you to find your place. We want you to realize we are just like you with struggles running our business and know that together we will walk this darn curvy road to success together!  Strap in and stay seated, its going to be a bumpy, crazy, AMAZING ride! Interested in checking out that amazing Mastermind? Come on over here and its what its all about. 

Love ya KP! 🙂 Happy one month anniversary! Let’s do this. 🙂

Hugs & Hashtags, Jilleysue

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