Stamp of Approval for Using Snapchat for Direct Sales

Yes! Absolutely Snapchat for Direct Sales. Right now, I can pretty much bet there are only a handful of Direct Sales Consultants on Snapchat and probably even less using it for Business.  This platform is viewed as the playful, pointless application that is only used by teenagers. Most people I hear say one thing, “I don’t get it.”  Fact is over 9000 snaps are sent per second. There are over 200 million active users and over 8 Billion snaps every single day.

WHAT??? Now that is a big WOW and a huge eye opener for me!!

Even though Snapchat is on the rise, it is by no means “mainstream” like Facebook or Instagram just yet, but this Direct Seller certainly has a hunch and can definitely see uses for it in our industry on a business level…big time.

The first thing you need to do if you are trying to decide if Snapchat is for you is figure out if your target market is using it. Fact is right now, the demographic of Snapchat users is about 18-35. If that sounds like a group of people that might be interested in your products or opportunity, then it is exactly where you need to be. Personally, it is my perfect demographic. There are plenty of college students, stay at home moms or people looking for jobs in that age range, so YES, Snapchat is exactly where I would love to connect with them…..I got to say, it is SUPER FUN.

Snapchat for Direct Sales

The Snapchat for Direct Sales Challenge

The challenge with this application is like many others, Direct Sellers tend to screw it up. Instead of using these platforms to build relationships, we tend to push our products, promotions and crap in our fans face instead of putting them first and really trying to build a connection. With Snapchat, you really have to figure out how to engage your users and we as an industry are already struggling with that on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. It is time that we really focus on connection and having one on one conversation rather than, “hey, I have a sale going on, or join my team.”

Now with that being said, there is still a huge opportunity for those Direct Sellers that really figure it out and “get it” to grow a huge following and build their Direct Sales Business.  We must realize that Snapchat is different. It is unlike anything you have ever used before. Another problem is the minute we can’t figure something out; we mark it as stupid or not useful. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The point of Snapchat is to allow its users to only put out content in micro pieces as well as for it to only be viewed for a limited time. Doing this causes your viewers to never want to miss a Snap because in 24 hours it will be gone. With other platforms, this doesn’t happen because they know they can view it at any time. Having limited time allows you to get creative with the content you are putting out and it also means you really have to be different so that people will want to see your Snaps.

Snapchat for Direct Sales and how does it really work?

Snapchat is similar to an Instagram, let’s say because it does tend to be random but other than that, it is beyond different.  Let’s say you have a Direct Sales event or party coming up, maybe a team event or a convention. You might post pictures of your team on Instagram or shoot a video but with Snapchat, you can create a Snap story of the entire event. For example, I recently returned from Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and almost all of us snapped the entire event.

It was CRAZY!! There was huge buzz around this. I knew Gary Vaynerchuk has been talking about it for years and since the birth of Periscope, it was getting more popular but I had no idea how many people would be snapping everything from sessions, to friends, to key notes, to the pool. It was simply crazy. My though, WOW. This is absolutely insane and amazing.


Each day as viewers logged in, they were able to be there with us by viewing 10 second snippets of all the happenings of the Social Media Marketing World event. After all, this conference kind of sets the trend for the coming year as to what is “cool” in the Social Media world. After 24 hours in San Diego watching everyone “snapping”, you know I had to get a snap of me and Gary. 🙂 What fun right?

What also makes Snapchat fun is the ability to draw or create filters over your photos or videos giving each snap some life and entertainment. Every snap can be different and gives each of us the ability to be super creative.

I personally have had the Snapchat app on my phone for over 2 years. I deemed it the most ridiculous application out there but I believe my friend Brian Fanzo of happened to give me the advice to jump into the app for two weeks and just play with it. I in fact listened to him and did that. What I found, is that I was having the most fun that I had had on an app in years. We tend to only post the most perfect moments or pictures on Facebook and Instagram but Snapchat allows you to show the true you. That is what people really want to see after all. You let people see the real you and with that you can really add to some real creativity and value.  If you watch a lot of snaps you will see, most don’t have to do with actual products or services they sell. Its true entertainment, thoughts, moments or events.

Think about why we love reality TV. This is truly reality TV at its best. In Direct Sales, people want to know what you really do. They want to know if this business can really work. Snapchat allows you to show customers and potential team members how much fun you are having and what you really do. People are able to get that glimpse, that behind the scenes of their favorite people and feel like they are actually with them.

snapchat for direct sales

Keep watching for my blog post on Snapchat Basics and 8 Ways you can use Snapchat for your Direct Sales Business coming up in the next week. If done correctly, using snapchat for direct sales could be a huge benefit for people. The hope is that we learn how the application works and use it the right way. To story tell, build connection and bring value. It is time to show the world that the direct sales industry isn’t a bunch of spammy pyramid scheme people just trying to steal a buck but instead a group of hard workers with a dream just trying to figure it all out.

snapchat for direct sales

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