scmMany people are looking at network marketing/direct sales opportunities as a way to earn either extra income, or to grow their direct sales business into a business that will give them financial freedom. While direct sales company does not require a college degree, it does require some specific traits that are critical to real and long term success in direct sales.

Below are a few thoughts on common traits that I have witnessed in those who are hugely successful in direct sales.

1) The Ability to Never Give Up.  

Those who succeed in direct sales have the ability to never, ever GIVE UP!  They recognize the law of increasing returns (that every new person they introduce results in a doubling of their growth potential).  Thus they know it requires them to put in effort over a period of time, that growth in the early stages will be slow but will accelerate over time.

2) The Ability to Find the Right Product.  

Successful direct sales people believe in their product. They know their product. They know why they wanted it. They know why others want it. They believe in the growth potential of their product and use their product. They have compared their product to others on the market and found that their product is the BEST product.

3) They have found the right reward system.  

A direct sales person can only be successful if the company gives them a good compensation plan to reward them for their efforts.  This doesn’t mean that the compensation plan has to give a huge reward for each customer, but ideally the reward should be ongoing over time and be affordable for everyone. Further the compensation plan needs to go down many levels to exploit the law of increasing returns.

4) They have to be able to educate those below them.  

A successful direct sales person educates those below them. They educate them in the product, educate them on how to market, educate them on being successful. They celebrate their team members’ success as their own (because in direct sales it is!).

A great upline wants their people to be more successful than they are themselves.

5) They have the ability to sell to strangers.  

Often direct sales people fail because they only approach their own network – family and friends. To succeed in direct sales you have to sell to strangers. These people ideally don’t stay strangers – in direct sales they become team members and friends, but they start off as strangers.

6) They understand how to market.  

They have to understand how to market, advertise and spread their product and opportunity to as many people as possible.

7) They celebrate their successes.  

Successful direct sales people love telling everyone how successful they are. They know their own success will attract more people. People love winners and want to be associated with winners.  Until you become successful, use those in your upline to help you become successful…use their stories until you have some of your own. Better yet, they will raise the successes of those that are on their team up

8) Great communication skills.  

Successful direct sales people communicate well and listen even better!

9) They never give up.  

Yes I know I said this already, but they recognize that direct sales success requires time and effort.  They are willing to put in effort over years.  Most direct sales millionaires made their money over a period of years, not days – be realistic in your expectations!

Your Turn

What do you think makes a great direct sales consultant or network marketer? What are some methods you have used that have made you successful? We definitely want to hear. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Kim Garst Boom SocialAbout the Author: Kim Garst is a wife, mom and entrepreneur who started building her first business from her kitchen table when she needed to help make ends meet over 20 years ago. To her surprise, she ended up creating multiple six- and seven- figure businesses along the way! She has combined her passion for authentic marketing with skills in professional branding and social media consulting in her latest role as CEO and founder of Boom! Social. When she’s not busy liking, pinning or Tweeting, you can likely find her enjoying hockey with her husband and sons.





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