No, it’s not a sledgehammer or a power saw. It’s a common kitchen timer.

We’re sure most of us can identify with this normal start to our morning. Increasing Productivity is something we all struggle with. We get up, get ready, get the kids off to school, and finally sit down at the computer to “work” our home businesses. First we check our email. We click on a link, get redirected to a website, more links, more URLs, and more email later, we realize it’s 2:00 PM and we haven’t even had lunch yet. Did we actually do any work that generated money for our businesses?

As we mentioned, most of us can immediately identify with this computer/email trap, but for others it might not be so clear cut. Maybe it’s reading the morning paper, checking in on Facebook, or watching a morning news show that turns into the entire daytime line up. For some, it may even be “just tidying up the house a bit” and before we know it one project leads to the next. Time to work our businesses never materializes for us.

Or, if we’re scheduling our home business after a daytime job outside of the home, we may sit down at the computer and just take a “quick peek” at ebay before we start working. We all know how that story ends!



Here is the solution . . . a common kitchen timer.

As you know, The Mind Aware is all about combining intention WITH action. When we sit down at the computer with a kitchen timer by our sides, we stay focused and ON TASK! The timer is only effective when we decide how long we will give to any given task, set the timer, and then STOP when the timer expires. With regards to the computer front, here are some effective ground rules:

* Be Realistic – We may like our email time to last 30 minutes, but if we know that will create frustration, then set the timer for an hour. Remember, the other axiom at The Mind Aware. The most important thing in life and work is to FEEL GOOD. So set the timer for the amount that will keep us feeling relaxed, but still focused.

* Organize and Prioritize – If we hit a website or article that looks interesting, we can bookmark it to a special folder entitled “read later”. We can schedule time a few times a week to check out these sites. For these scheduled sessions where we are solely just surfing and perusing new material, we can set the timer or if we prefer attend to it in a leisurely fashion. A little organization here goes a long way. At least it’s not cutting into our work day.

* Answer Email Immediately When It’s Simple – If the email can be answered in 60 seconds or less, do it immediately. When our timers go off, we’ll have our in-boxes nearly empty. Feels productive and feels good.

* Get Up When The Timer Sounds – In order for this tool to be effective, we must stop when the timer says stop. Take a little break or do a task that is unrelated such as stuffing packets, filing, or organizing inventory. Or we can reward ourselves for sticking with the one hour time limit and do 30 minutes of stretching, walking, or of a daytime television program. The break can be as short or as long as we like. Bring the timer.

* Schedule Several Sessions Throughout the Day – The next time we sit down at the computer, we may focus on Facebook instead of our email. Again, we’ll set the timer and sign onto the site with an intention of what we want to accomplish. When the timer goes off, get up.

* Time Challenging Tasks – Another useful purpose for the timer is in doing tasks we find difficult, challenging, or unpleasant. As you know, The Mind Aware encourages everyone to align their thoughts with positive intention before taking any action and so make sure to do this step first. However, when we actually do sit down to make those phone calls or file paperwork, if we have a timer set for 30 minutes, it seems so much easier to accomplish that task. We don’t say to ourselves, “I’m going to call every customer from every party I’ve given over the last month!” Instead, we say, “I’m going to make calls for the next 30 minutes.” Doing these challenging or boring tasks in these bite size pieces makes it much easier to do them on a regular basis. In addition, major projects can be broken into the same bite-size, timed pieces.

If we keep the timer by our sides, we get more of what we WANT to be accomplishing DONE. Large projects seem less daunting and actually get finished. We find more balance in our lives and we feel better about our days because our time is better spent. Who thought a common kitchen timer could be so useful to us?

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Dana Wilde Dana Wilde is founder of The Mind Aware, at The Mind Aware is dedicated to helping network marketers, direct sales people, and party plan entrepreneurs attain success in their businesses quickly, simply, and to have fun doing it. Dana is known as the Brain Trainer, Radio Host for Entrepreneurs who want unstoppable businesses without becoming workaholics.  Dana Wilde’s been putting her mind to it for years. 


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