How Pinterest will Explode Your Direct Sales Business

Pinterest has millions of unique, highly engaged visitors and has proven to be an incredibly popular and successful site. It’s ridiculously simple to use, and it can make a big impact on your business and your direct sales results when you use it correctly. So, how do you use it to grow your direct sales business, anyways?

Convert Pinterest Browsers Into Buyers

Pinterest has millions of browsers out there looking at pictures, designs, ideas, and products. As humans, we are visual creatures, and it makes sense that  Your very first pin on your business board should link back to your website. Pinterest would be so successful for that reason alone; people act on cue and react to what they see. So, use Pinterest to visually showcase your products and get people buying instead of just browsing.

Drive Traffic

Pinterest is a great driver of traffic to other websites and platforms. If you showcase your products visually on Pinterest, with click through potential to your own website or showcase, you can get people clicking and driving traffic to your site, to buy the very same products they just saw on Pinterest.

Get Inbound Links

All marketers understand the power of inbound links and having people link back to your site. With Pinterest, when you make your products visually appealing and fascinating to the eye, other websites and businesses will link back to you and showcase you – doing your marketing for you!

 Engage Users

Pinterest is on a platform to engage users. Users can interact with each other, communicate with you, and react to pictures and products immediately. Because of that, you can hear and answer user’s questions and concerns on Pinterest, and improve your customer service habits while building your direct sales businesses reputation and following on the site. Show your customers and hostesses enjoying your products or services. Customers want to see the story behind every thing.

 Figure Out What Your Pinterest Customers Want

Tied to that engagement and interaction model, Pinterest allows you to figure out exactly what users are looking for, and exactly what customers want. Use it an as experiment board to determine what it is customers are looking for, and what they are willing to pay for. A good reaction on Pinterest will carry over and mean a strong sales reaction, as customers will tell you what they want and what they like!

 At the end of the day, you’re doing it wrong if you are not using Pinterest for your direct sales business. You can directly communicate with your customers, find new customers all over the country and the world, and build a large network of customers using a simple, fun social media tool like Pinterest to get the job done! Not to mention plenty of interest people who may want to do what you are doing.

Good luck with your sales, and don’t forget to have fun on the site, too!

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Jill McCarthy has been in the Direct Sales industry for over 14 years. Jill's uncommon strategies shook up the traditional party plan platform when she combined it with what she has learned from some of the best influences in the Social Media industry. She is at the top level in her own Direct Sales Business, has worked with some of the most well known Direct Sales companies out there and appeared in popular publications such as The FlipFlop CEO, and Network Marketing for Facebook. Jill has personally branded herself across all platforms and prides herself on staying "in the know" of what is trending for Social Media for all Direct Sales Consultants. Connect with her on Twitter.