Google + Communities: Things Are About To Change, PAY ATTENTION!

Google +, Facebook, I say those two because it is going to be very interesting to watch what is about to happen and the changes that are going to take place.

Of course almost all of us have a Facebook page but where we are most active is in the Facebook Groups. Most direct sales consultants have come to depend on Facebook Groups as a way of communicating with our teams or a specific group of people about certain topics. If you have a direct sales business, you are probably a part of many groups from your team page, to leadership pages, to pages about how to do certain things in your business and even event pages. Facebook groups makes it easy to talk about one specific topic and get all the information you need. You can agree, disagree, share common problems and share ideas on how to make your home business stronger.

Another aspect of Facebook that many Consultants have is a Fan page for their customers. As many of you are aware, Facebook has changed their algorithm and now who sees our Fan pages is based on what posts we pay for our fans to see. Some have ditched fan pages and created groups for their businesses instead as a way of being sure that groups of customers and hostesses who could be invited to the group would see posts by the business. Many are unhappy about the changes Facebook has made. It has basically become, pay for your customers to see your posts or simply…they won’t.

Well….things they are a changing. On December 6th, Google + launched Google+ Communities.  Google+ Communities act a lot like Facebook Groups in that they will have a group of people who basically want to talk about the same topic. There are four types of communities available thru Google:

Two are public communities. These groups are open to anyone. Users can leave comments, share images or join hangouts. Now here is where if you need to read this next part and then pause and see the big picture. EVERYTHING THAT IS POSTED FROM A PUBLIC GOOGLE+ COMMUNITY IS INDEXED AND CAN BE FOUND THROUGH A SEARCH ON GOOGLE.  I’ll let you think about that for a minute. 🙂

While you think about that, we can talk about private communities. For businesses who want to stay a little bit more private and create communities that are invitation only but can still be searched, you can have a partly private group. The 4th group are those that are completely private and can only be found if the member has access to the link, much like some YouTube Playlists.

What do I think? I think this is going to change everything. Most people do not understand Google+. I have been using Google+ for some time now but not using everything that it is capable of. From what I have seen Google+ is a lot like Facebook in a lot of ways. What I don’t see is a lot of functionality changes every day.


Let’s compare two things that will play a huge part in what you continue to use more for your business. Right now when you create a Facebook page, the only way your posts are being seen is if you have a budget and if you decide to pay for promoted posts. Your cost is determined by how many friends “may” see the post in order to reach 100% of your audience.  For Google+, anyone can create a community. To let people know that a new page has started, all an administrator needs to do is share the community page link in the stream. Now another moment to take something in. WHEN THE ANNOUNCEMENT IS MADE, 100% of YOUR CIRCLED FOLLOWERS WILL SEE THE ANNOUNCEMENT AND IT IS NOW PART OF THE WORLD WIDE GOOGLE INDEX AND AVAILABLE THROUGH KEY WORD SEARCH ALONG WITH EVERY POST, EVERY STATUS UPDATE, EVERY PHOTO, and EVERY VIDEO!!!!


Did you read that twice? Did you really get it????  Every post will be seen and it will be indexed. Every day people ask me why Facebook changed everything. It mostly had to do something with when they decided to go public. Of course, they had to figure out a way to make money.


If you have read the two lines above and took a minute to breath, lol….where to focus your time is a no brainer. The potential here is really huge. Would’t you love for all of your customers, hostesses, potential recruits and other fans to see every single post that you do?  Let say you post on Facebook that you started a Google+ community and your fans don’t see it…guess what they can just enter it in Google. ITS SEARCHABLE!!!


Not to mention the extras like Google Hangouts and Google Drive where you can share documents. (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Google Drive). Don’t Forget Google Images and more.  Plenty more posts to come on these these applications for sure.


Now not everyone may be on Google+, but not everyone was on Facebook either. My plan…start leading people to Google+. This new turn of events could have quite possibly in my eyes have blown past Facebook.  Google+ will allow personal branding and the ability to attract NEW people to your business.  I heard over a year go that Google+ would be bigger than Facebook……I may be on the verge of agreeing.


Come Try it out with me! Consider this a personal invitation to the SOCIALSUPERGIRL COMMUNITY! Click here to join us and let me know what you think! 


Jill McCarthy has been in the Direct Sales industry for over 14 years. Jill's uncommon strategies shook up the traditional party plan platform when she combined it with what she has learned from some of the best influences in the Social Media industry. She is at the top level in her own Direct Sales Business, has worked with some of the most well known Direct Sales companies out there and appeared in popular publications such as The FlipFlop CEO, and Network Marketing for Facebook. Jill has personally branded herself across all platforms and prides herself on staying "in the know" of what is trending for Social Media for all Direct Sales Consultants. Connect with her on Twitter.