How to Connect with Direct Sales Inactive Team Members

Does the list of team members that are about to go inactive or have gone inactive drive you absolutely bonkers? I will be honest, me to. It has always blown my mind when it comes to the person that reaches out to you so absolutely excited beyond belief to join and then all of the sudden, you have to send out the federal bureau of investigators to find them. Isn’t it crazy? One minute they are calling you and practically jumping through the phone and then the next minute, they just disappear.

You see, the truth is most people who join your team, join for one reason only. They bought your products. They fell in love with with them and then they thought, “Well why can’t I make money too telling people about this stuff?” They never once thought that they would have to talk to strangers or run a business and once they find out, they are on the run. So what do you do?

The truth is, it is easier to find new people who have your same mindset than try to help people believe in themselves, for the most part. I’m not saying this is always the case, but we spend way too much time trying to prevent quitters. We try to get people to turn in that one order to keep them active for 90 more days versus using that energy just sponsoring new people. Right?

I certainly don’t mean that to be mean and I don’t mean that we just give up on every single consultant who isn’t good at something. What I mean is that I think too many really good leaders spend way to much time trying to talk a quitter out of quitting than they do looking for that next ROCK STAR! You see, if you spent more time looking for more team members like you instead of sending out mass texts or emails or phone calls to 50 people who probably already planned on quitting before they joined, you would have the most stable Direct Sales Business out there. Time for the cold, hard truth. In the end, we all know that when we spend the last week of the month trying to convince that one consultant not to quit. The only thing we are actually getting is 90 more days of them not quitting. Just really delaying the inevitable.  For the 3rd time of keeping them using up your your time, that 3rd talk does not get them excited, it does not getting them selling, it does not get them building a team, and it does not get them promoting. It gets them to the exact same place they were before and gets you just more frustrated.

Make your Direct Sales Team Members Not Want to Leave

  1. Rock that Team Culture

Remember the song from the show Cheers? People go where every body knows their name. Your team culture is no different. Create a place that people want to go to.  When you create an environment within your team that is so good people can’t imagine leaving, it is safe to say, you could have a bazillion group pages, team meetings or group calls and they would all be there no matter what. Yes! Create THAT kind of team culture.

Have a team philosophy that is really powerful, that recognizes people, that teaches people, that provides inspiration, consistency, loyalty, good examples and good stories.Click To Tweet This means you must consistently show up when it comes to your team. You must recognize everyone, even if they are not the top earners or top sponsors. Have the pizza meet ups, the pool parties, the special events with your team. Have a culture that everyone wants to be a part of and really becomes a close knit family.

2.  Never Stop Looking for People Like you.

Be such an example, that you are walking the walk and talking the talk. That means never stop bringing new team members into your business that are as fired up and excited as you. I constantly get the question, “What can I do to motivate my team?” Fact is, you can’t. People have got to be self motivated. They have to want the results for themselves that are bigger than anything that you can provide.  When someone starts a business like this and they truly believe they can do this, they will move heaven and earth to find the resources that will train them and make it happen.

Sadly, too many consultants get a team of 10 people and focus their time only on them and keeping them from quitting instead of consistently prospecting. For the life of your business, you must never stop prospecting. The one thing prospecting does is show your current team that it can happen no matter what. If you stop bringing people on board, your team will too.

Within your team, the top 20% that are really serious about their business will always keep rising to the top. Watching that 20% will continuously tell you who gets your time, who you should be working with to become your rock stars. The rock stars are who get your time. If they want your time, they will do whatever it takes to be a rock star. The people quitting do not get your time. A quick reminder, yes maybe, but a week of constant stalking, no.  You must focus on those that earn your time.

Having a great team environment  will lessen the people that disappear. An environment that is uplifting, rewarding and exciting and also realizes that you must get new blood into that environment is the ultimate thing that you can do.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your team, is build a stronger team, with NEW people. Click To TweetIf you show them how its’ done, many will start to mirror your example.  Be the example. Be the person, that you wish that they were. Believing in your company and keeping the passion makes a huge difference. Do the actions instead of beating your head against the wall when it comes to quitters that were already going to quit. Be the person, they want to be and never stop.

Jill McCarthy has been in the Direct Sales industry for over 14 years. Jill's uncommon strategies shook up the traditional party plan platform when she combined it with what she has learned from some of the best influences in the Social Media industry. She is at the top level in her own Direct Sales Business, has worked with some of the most well known Direct Sales companies out there and appeared in popular publications such as The FlipFlop CEO, and Network Marketing for Facebook. Jill has personally branded herself across all platforms and prides herself on staying "in the know" of what is trending for Social Media for all Direct Sales Consultants. Connect with her on Twitter.