Twitter is a great resource for many direct sales consultants but knowing how to use it properly is important if you want to be seen as a professional.  Always remember that you are sharing your business with the world, so to speak.  Anyone can see your tweets simply by going to your stream and therefore it is important to know that what you say and how you say it is a reflection of you and your business.

If you want to use Twitter properly and enjoy the experience, here are some common business mistakes that you need to make sure that you are not doing when posting.

1. Profile – Many Twitter users don’t fill out their profile or if they do, they fill it out incorrectly, partially and/or don’t double check their links. Many don’t add an Avatar which is a huge mistake when networking on Twitter.

2. Scheduled Tweets – Users can tell when another user preschedules their Tweets and never show up to do any “live” Tweeting. It is recommended that at least 70% of your Tweets on Twitter be coming out live and not prescheduled.

3. ReTweets – Be very careful on what you ReTweet (RT) over on Twitter. Business have made mistakes by ReTweeting improper Tweets that they didn’t fully read or check out the link within the Tweet and other users found those RT’s to be offensive. Always double check the user’s ID, the information within the Tweet and if there are links, double check those links before sharing it with your followers.

4. Shared Twitter Accounts – If you have more than one Twitter account, it is important that you make sure you are logged into the correct one before sending out any Tweets. We have seen personal Tweets come out of business accounts and vice-versa. Sure, you can delete them after the fact, but we guarantee that some users saw those Tweets before you deleted them.

5. Spam Tweeting – Everyone wants to promote their businesses on Twitter but you need to walk a fine line between spamming business information and providing valuable content. You need to mix up what you are Tweeting to include basic information, business tips, product tips, general chit-chat and throw in some quotes for good measure. You will fail on Twitter if all you do is Tweet about your business 24/7.

6. Images – If you are Tweeting out any images on Twitter it is important to resize them to an appropriate size before sending them and you should ALWAYS include a few text words within the Tweet telling users what the image is about. No one want’s to click on a link to an image when they don’t know what that link is about. Some users keep their accounts set up to display images as links only…so remember that tip when Tweeting them out.

Take the time to use your social media channels for your direct sales business with good information and you will be rewarded with followers that interact and enjoy your information. That is the secret to being successful with any social media interaction.

Jill McCarthy has been in the Direct Sales industry for over 14 years. Jill's uncommon strategies shook up the traditional party plan platform when she combined it with what she has learned from some of the best influences in the Social Media industry. She is at the top level in her own Direct Sales Business, has worked with some of the most well known Direct Sales companies out there and appeared in popular publications such as The FlipFlop CEO, and Network Marketing for Facebook. Jill has personally branded herself across all platforms and prides herself on staying "in the know" of what is trending for Social Media for all Direct Sales Consultants. Connect with her on Twitter.